Heroes and cowards

November 9, 2011

Felix Anthony was hosted by the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the ITF Australian afilliates in Melbourne recently and  warned about the impending anti-union edict being prepared by Fiji’s authoritarian government. His dire predictions have been realised and he has been arrested.

It’s not a complete surprise. Felix and all of those supporting him told us he knew he risked arrest on his return. It looks like the government decided to keep quiet for a few months in the hope that his visits and work for labour rights in Fiji would drop off the international radar. Well it hasn’t, and it won’t. In fact this outrageous action has brought the reality that Fiji is labouring under an illegitimate government that is trying to grind down its workers to international attention with graphic impact. This gang of bullies and political thugs must not and won’t get away with it. We in the ITF and our sister unions are raising such a stink about this that they have  no option but to let Felix go, the first step to let unions on the island take their rightful place in the democratic process and the defence of workers’ rights. We’ve got a pretty good strike record on human and labour rights in our ITF and we are going the full distance on this one if the Fijian Government wants it that way.

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